Don & Nona Phoebus

Don & Nona are the founders and directors of Diné Mission. Bro. Don is the founding Pastor of Dinè Chapel, where he has pastored since 1986. He ministers all the weekly services, plus outreaches, and administers the operation of Crestview Christian Academy. Nona Phoebus teaches as our Prospective Student Tutor at Crestview Christian Academy. She also holds monthly Ladies Fellowship Meetings, and is a faithful pastor’s wife. Plus so much more.

They are in their 30th year of service among our Navajo people.  505-979-2171


Bill Phoebus

Bill is the head of Mission Maintenance, he also runs a van route for the school and church. Affectionately known as “Grandpa Bill” by our people, he has labored here at Dinè Chapel and Mission since 1986. His wife Nellie labored by his side until her home going in October of 2012.


The Dan Peachey Family

The Peachey family are no longer doing missionary work. They moved June 16, 2014. Brother Peachey has taken up secular work to support the family. Thank you for their support in the past.


Raymond & Lola Yazzie

Raymond is a Navajo Preacher and Interpreter. He reads the Navajo Scriptures in our services. He leads the Navajo Singing in our services. Bro. Raymond is now teaching our Sunday morning Adult Bible Class. He also does some preaching and interpeting during regular services. Lola is his faithful companion and prayer support, Lola also is the assistant worker in our children’s church.